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Jim Roth
Lyons, IL

To our best friend
Present past and beyond
Even though [you] weren't with us too long
Your life is the most precious thing that we could lose

While you were here the fun was never-ending
Laugh a minute only the beginning
[John Robert Wilson] this one's for you

Ever get the feeling you can't go on
Just remember whose side it is that you're on
You've got friends with you till the end
If you're ever in a tough situation we'll be there with no hesitation
Brotherhood's our rule that cannot bend

When you're feeling too close to the bottom
You know who it is you can count on
Someone will pick you up again we can conquer anything together

All of us are bonded forever if you die I die that's the way it is

- Pennywise: Bro Hymn Tribute

Jill Koval
Downers Grove, IL

My Dearest Love.. what can I say. You have fought so hard and so long- you are the bravest person I have ever met and are my true hero. I can go on about our good times for days, but I will leave that for our memories. You have brought so much joy to my life and have made me the strong person I am today. I know in my heart we will be together forever. I love you so much...

Tony Tabb
North Riverside, IL

Dear John, I sit now with few words unspoken, just feelings To you, best friend... Words can never express all you have given me. From a friend who was made without effort. You have given me a gift that no struggle, money, or desire could have afforded. You have showed me your heart through your amazing music. Gave me that most precious gift to share.. Always humbled. I want you to know that I don’t feel your loss in such a way that is final. I feel it in a way that makes me yearn for all the experiences once again. You said to me, in the not to distant past: All you can wish for is that you have made a mark on people’s lives. That people remember the imprint you have made on them. And you said, all you can do is play the cards you are dealt. My friend, you have made your amazing impression on more people than you can imagine. You have played your cards in the most eloquent and honorable fashion. It will forever be my honor to have shared the time we have had together. P.S. I will be waiting to hear the new jams you have come up with... With the deepest Thanks, Appreciation, and Love, Your Friend... “We're having a man-to-man Don't want to get sentimental But both of us understand We'll never have to say goodbye, just see you later” Elton John .. “Old Friend”

Nancy Wilson
Westchester, IL

We are writing this with such mixed emotions of joy and great sadness. We were so grateful to be blessed with 25 wonderful years with John who brought us such joy and love. We can't express our gratitude to all who have joined us on this journey for the past 14 months. Without you all we could have never have done it. You have all played such a special part in helping John and us to endure and truly "fight" so very hard. Without your love, and prayers and support we could have never done this and neither could John. With heavy hearts and great sincerity we want to Thank You all for playing such an important part in John's life and also in ours. Thank you all for being such a blessing to us. We will be eternally grateful to you for partnering with our family. John's spirit will continue on through all the people that he loved so and touched in his life, and that's you! Love, John, Nancy and Liz Wilson

Andy Mistretta
Brookfield, IL

I am proud to say John has been one of my closest friends throughout my adult life. He was one of a kind and I can say without a doubt that I will always remember him. As so many of you know John was an extremely gifted musician, and every time I hear a song filled with that searing guitar sound it reminds me of our late friend J.W. Losing John is absolutely tragic, but I think we are all fortunate that he left behind this musical legacy. I'm sure he will live on in so many hearts and minds in just the same way. He fills my thoughts and memories every day. It is going to be difficult to continue on without his physical presence in our future's, but he will always be with us in spirit. I miss you my friend!

Jessica Bayron
Elgin, IL
We shared some pretty good laughs when I trained you back at UBH and those are the memories of you that I will keep. May your memory continue to live on in the hearts of all of those who loved you. You will be missed so much. Love, Jessica, your friend from UBH

Judi Karonis
Glen Ellyn, IL
John will always remain in my memory.

Dorothy Coltri
Lyons, IL
Our prayers and thoughts for John, his dear family and devoted friends. John has touched all of our hearts with his legacy. The love and support that we witnessed is a testament to the beautiful sould that John is! We can only fill the void of his earthly loss with wonderful memories and the lessons that he taught us through his life's journey. Thank you, John, for allowing us the pleasure to know you!

Cathy Joyce
Park Ridge, Illinois
I am a very good friend of Roseann Nelson. I knew her before John was born and I can still recall her talking about little "John Robert". You were a very strong man and you put up a good fight. God must have a special place for you. My deepest sympathies to all the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Tom and Lynn Prybylo
Glen Ellyn, IL
We pray for peace and comfort for the Wilson family, especically John and Nancy who have also been in this long fight with John Jr., and that they would be strengthened at this time. We thank God that John is now at home, at rest, no more fighting, in Jesus' glorious presence.

Grandma Wilson
Huntley, ILL
I doubt we will ever understand why your time here was so short. I once read that you have to make the best of what circumstances you are in and that everyone has sorrow intermingled in the gladness of their lives. The trick is to make laughter outway the tears. Somehow I think you knew that and you made us laugh through our tears even in the last moments of your life. Because you are loved so much, you will never be lost but remembered in all the wonderful memories we have of you. Love you John, Grandma and Grandpa Wilson.

mary kay and mike and family wojciechowski
naperville, Illinois
Our prayers and sympathies are with John and Nancy and family at this most difficult time. Our mind tells us John is in heaven; but our hearts wish he was still with us. God Bless, Mary Kay & Mike Wojciechowski and family

Chris Kuberski
Chicago, IL
John and I always had a good time playing music, and I will miss him greatly. Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Liz & Jill, I am so sorry.

Maryanne Rickert and Family
Chicago, Illinois
Jimmy and Roseann gave us the priviledged opportunity to know you and your family. John, you are an inspirational role model to mankind! May you now rest in peace.....May God comfort the ones you left behind! You will see them again one day in heaven. Love, Maryanne, Bill, Sean, and Samantha Rickert

Deborah Davidson
Orland Park, Illinoid
To the family and friends of John, I was Kate and Tom Rafferty's neighbor for 18 years and I never experienced or knew of such love and dedication that both of them showed, especially Kate in her undying devotion, actions, & prayers to John and her beloved family. My heart goes out to you as I have just learned early Friday morning (Aug. 1st) about John's homegoing. I am so sorry for your loss and know he put up a good fight. He is one that this world should have never lost at such a young age. I also understand that his Mother and Father, Fiance', and Friends were steady and unwaivering in their love and affection in all that they did to help and encourage John. Again, I am so sorry; I was praying and believing God for a miracle - sometimes it is so hard to understand why things turn out the way the do. I did get a chance to go to visit John in Loyola in Chicago, when Kate told us he was there - I prayed for him and for his salvation - but he was not awake nor could he communicate at that time... later when in Houston he sent me an email apologizing to me that he was not with it --- what love and tenderness... to bother to contact me - truly and angel on earth! Even though I did not know him - I know Kate and Tom and some of his cousins and they all reflect his genuine, sincere, and loving heart. I will miss him - just because I knew of him, from my dear neighbors and I will continue to pray for comfort for all of you - especially you Kate - you did all you could, what a comfort I am sure you were to him and to all of the rest of the family. You are like Florence Nightingale ministering to the hurting, those in pain, those who at times have lost hope. May the Lord continually minister to you, my friend. For all those that loved him, I am so grieved along with you. I know my grief cannot be compared to yours... but know that you are not alone in the storm and there is one who walks with you and that is Jesus Christ our Lord. If you don't know Him personally, just whisper a little prayer and ask Him into your heart..He loves you so, and so do I. If there is anyway I can help now - please let me know. In His love and in His Name, Rev. Deborah Davidson

Scott Pilz
Carterville, Illinois
It was a pleasure growing up with you buddy. We really did have a lot of fun hanging out at your house, going to your dad's softball games and listening to music together. You were the funniest guy I have ever chilled with no joke. Love ya and your fam, would love to hear from them... Hope they are all doing well. Take care. Always, -Scott

Julie Due and family
Norridge, Illinois
We were out of town to "personally" express our sincere sympathy for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you and we pray that your fondest memories of John will provide some comfort and peace. John was a wonderful son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, fiance and friend...... a truly wonderful man that blessed the lives of so many people. Jimmy always spoke so highly of John and the Wilson family and now they are together. John, you are loved here on earth, but you have a friend waiting to great you with open arms. Welcome home, John! Say "HEllO" to Jimmy!

Darrin Deany
Chicago, IL
Jack, I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Dwight Barnett
Waterford, Mich.
Nancy: Nancy: I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your son John. I was made aware of his situation many months ago and have prayer for his healing. God chose to take him. I thankyou for all the years of taking care of me at MCI as you were my gardian angle in my many times of need in the field. Again I am so sorry this has happened to you and your family. Dwight

Anthony Paliferro
Norridge, Illinois
John, it was a pleasure to have met you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

Gloria John-Thomas
Elmwood Park, IL
I'm so very sorry for you loss.

Scott Heichert
Burbank, IL
May your sorrow be comforted by the memories you have shared. Our condolences to your family. Hooded Frogs Softball

ray kasperas
crestwood, il
I am so sorry to hear of your loss,he will be in my prayers, as well as your family

Carey Labriola
Lockport, ILL.
I work with Karen, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Ian Kovac
Lombard, Illinois
John will be missed but never forgotten. In the hearts of everyone that he had encountered he will live on for all eternity. We can only hope to live life as strong as he had and to fight as hard as he did and if so he will live on inside of us all.

Bessie and Thomas Warner
Gary, Indiana
John although we only met a couple of times we believe that you the bravest strongest man that we will ever know. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to you Jill...may you be blessed forever with the memories and love that you guys shared!!

Anthony Manno
Chicago, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with John and his family and friends...John, I watched you and my brother grow up together and to express in words what I am feeling right now is extremely tough. Your fight has made you a hero to all of us. Reading all of these guest book entries is proof positive of the impact you have made on everyone that crossed your path. The Bro Hymn Tribute by Pennywise says what those of us may not be able to say. Keep that guitar tuned up there, brother...

Julie Varrige
Barrington, IL
JR- I am so sad you had to leave your family and friends so soon, but I know you will always live on through the people who knew and loved you. Please know that you touched so many people, more than you know. You were so brave. John, Nancy & Liz - Please know that you are in our thoughts and we are here to help you anyway we can. Love, Julie

Mary Thompson
Lombard, Il
I never met John, but i felt as if he was becoming a friend. I would see Nancy and every once in awhile i would ask about him. Now i know as much as i need to. He is out of pain and at peace. I hope that soon Nancy and John will find comfort.

Mary & Greg Zarbock
Lyons, IL
We all have our own memories of John; our own stories, but what comes through all of them is what a unique person person John was. The first time I met John, I think he was a sophomore in High School. I remember thinking what a lively character he was, his quick wit brought laughter to every one who knew him. I pray that God will comfort his loved ones, and the many good friends that John touched in his life. He will always remain in our hearts. Mary & Greg Zarbock

Mike & Nancy Cooke
Holly Springs, NC
The Cooke's are related to the Rafferty, who have been been keeping us updated on John's courageous struggle. We have been moved not only by Jonh's strength, but the tremendous strength and support of his family and friends that have surrounded him throughout his life and at his time of need. He has been a very rich person to have been surrounded by such people. Our deepest sympathy to those family and friends and all those that we touched by him. I hope you find peace in the days and years ahead as he follows you throughout your days. I am sure by those who have described him that he will be following you from above with a happy heart and a helping hand.

Cindy & Steve Beckman
Lockport, Illinois
I remember the first time I met John, standing on my front porch asking if Tony was home. They had plans to work on John's car. He wasn't more than 16. Over the years John grew up, a part of the wonderful group of friends that surround him now in sorrow. I will always remember John as someone who gave wonderful memories to both my sons and taught us all the meaning of strength and courage. I know my son Tony has lost his best friend. Peace to all of our broken hearts. Cindy Beckman

Ashish Tejpal
Lombard, IL
I had the opportunity to meet John at UBH and while words don't seem sufficient enough to express my thoughts I did cherish the times and conversations we had. A day didn't go by where I thought and prayed for you, may God bless you and I will never forget your courage. My condolences to John's family and fiancee.

Jim & Teresa Tabb Jr.
Berwyn, Ill.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to John's family & friends. John showed all of us his will to live by the fight he leveraged against this disease. The pain he suffered is of the type that heroes endure. He was an example to all that loved him. As parents, our hearts cry out to your parents John and what they have endured. John, Rest In Peace, your fight is over, your legacy is what remains.

Buddy & Mary Walker
Schiller Park, Il
We didn’t know John personally. We only knew of him through Sharon, his Aunt. She is our favorite waitress at Dappers. Every Sunday morning after church. We would go and have breakfast at Dappers. My family and I became to know and love Sharon and her family. One day last summer. We came in with my son who is around the same age as John. Sharon starting telling us that he went to the hospital because he felt sick and was later diagnosed with Leukemia. Sharon also stated that he just got engaged as well. Well from that point, I was continuously saying a prayer for him every weekend when we would attend church. The following week when I seen Sharon, We would of course asks how he was doing. A couple of times, it sounded like he was doing better and I thought, my prayers are helping but, Sharon told us that he was going to a different hospital to see if they could help him and I really hoped and prayed it would. When my daughter called me at work and told me Sharon had called to say her Nephew had passed away, I never even met this young man, but we fell that we knew him. My husband and I felt so bad and sad for Sharon's loss and of course my heart went to her sister, Nancy. I thought she must be devastated because she lost a child. John Robert is with the Lord now and he feels no more pain. Only peace. And even though you may not see him except for in your dreams, he will always be with you. May God Bless John and his family

Rosalinda Barnhart
Des Plaines, IL
I am a very close friend to Aunt Roseann and Aunt Sharon. I followed your fight since day one. You are a very brave man. I was very sad when I heard. Your in a much better place now. All the suffering is over. I give my deepest sympathy to the family and friends. Rosalinda Barnhart

Ty Patterson
Dyer, Indiana
John, you were always fun to be around. It was an honor to meet you and I am grateful for that. I will miss our Guitar Hero battles and all the great times we had doing that. RIP

Denita Long
Phoenix, Arizona
Even though I had known him briefly from United Behavioral Health, I was pleased to say that he was one of the coolest guys I had ever met. He was so cool, calm, and collected:-) HE will be truly missed and his family and friends will be in my prayers.

Marion Phillips
Glen Ellyn, Illinios
I envy John in some ways that he is with our Father and not suffering. My heart is broken for you Nancy and family as I know that your heart is broken. You are in my prayers. May He raise you up on eagles wings. Love, Marion

Brigid Zarbock
Lyons, IL
I would state the obvious that this is not fair, or just, or understandable. But I believe we all have that in the back of our minds always. The world is in worse shape with you not in it. I mourn for those who have never had the pleasure to meet you, laugh at your jokes, revel in your musical ability. Your company was always enjoyed and anticipated. I have many fond memories of you and “the guys.” The jam sessions, the concerts we attended, and the absolutely ridiculous things you all did that made you the amazing person you are. I cry for you, mourn for those who loved you. But I sing for you, and with you. So thank you John for the influence you have had in all of our lives. The Wilson family, Jill, and all of Johns dear friends are in my thoughts. “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing Anyways”

Lois Mika
Westchester, Illinois
To the grieving family, my deepest sympathy, as well as that of Earl, Jr. and Rita are extended to you at this time. As you know, we have known the family for 50-some years and have been through some good times and and some bad times together. Fortunately, the good times out-weighed the bad times. Our loving thoughts are with you during this time of sadness.

Bob & Kris Willems
Sahuarita, AZ
John, you will always have a special place in our hearts. Uncle Bob & I met in high school the week you were born. He was showing off pictures of his new nephew and was so proud to be an uncle for the first time. He was so proud and excited to come home and tell me how good you were when he heard you play guitar for the first time. I asked if you were taking lessons and he said you were teaching yourself. "You gotta hear this kid play!" he said, amazed at your natural talent. Once again we are so proud of you and how you handled yourself during your long and painful struggle the last 14 months. Although we are many miles away, not a day has gone by when we hadn't thought of you, prayed for you or called somebody to get an update on your situation. You have definitely brought the whole family closer together. We had our hopes and plans for your situation and the Lord had His. Unfortunately, from our standpoint, they don't always line up. We will continue to trust in his plan and take great comfort in knowing that you are safe in His loving arms and it will be only joy for you from here on out. Until we meet again- Love, Uncle Bob, Aunt Kris, Peter & Timothy

Leslie Marbach
River Grove, IL
I am a dear friend of Roseann Nelson and I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the family of John I will continue to pray for peace during this difficult time My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Although John and I were not close friends, one thing I do remember from high school as that he could bring emotion out of anyone, whether through making us laugh, cry, or touching our hearts through music. The world will have a void without him and he will be missed!

Paulette Horvath
Burr Ridge, Illinois
Dear Nancy and Family My prayers and the staff at Living Water Community Church are with you and your family at this time as always. We send our love and support for your family. May the Lord comfort you at this time and His love & keep you in His embrace and now John is at home with the Lord and cheering us on as he stands in the great cloud of witnesses. Truely you have all fought the good fight of faith. Love, Paulette Horvath

Carol Heagney
Bartlett, IL
I am a co-worker of Jennifer Graham. I sincerely offer you my deepest sympath on the loss of a great person. Even though I never met John Robert, Jen has shared some amazing stories of his courage and strength. Please know that he is in the arms of the Lord and watching over you all. Sincerely, Carol Heagney

Karan Schnidt
Hanover Park, IL
I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about John's passing. I'm a friend of Sharon's and she has told me about John from the beginning. He was such a fighter and reminded me of my sister who passed from Cystic Fibrosis at the young age of 30. She was also a friend of Sharon's. It's hard to see the people we love go through so much pain and try to hide it and be strong for those around them. We have to remember though that John is in a better place now free from pain and is looking down on all of his family as an angel along the side of God just like my sister Tracy is with my family. Take care, Karan Schnidt

AUNT KATE-MacGyver Rafferty
Wheaton, ILL
Although we have a heavy heart, JR’s journey touched the lives of many people. I am so fortunate to have witnessed the following: •The relationship he had with his father. Many people commented on their mutual love and respect. Everyone was in awe of his father’s never ending care and his inspiring endurance. •His mother’s selflessness. She shared her son with many. JR always talked with his mom and everyone who knew the two of them understood the special place each had in their hearts for the other. •The special way JR and Elizabeth watched out for each other. Both of them sharing a special brother-sister bond that many would love to emulate. •The ‘Angel’ sent to this family-Jill. We witnessed many significant others that fled under the same circumstances as JR. Jill gave JR the will to continue. It was evident by all how much they shared and how much they loved each other. •The Wilson/Willems family friends and neighbors for their countless prayers and help. Your efforts helped all of us get through these tough times. •The unbelievable friends. JR’s friends gave countless hours developing his web-site, arranging a fund raiser, sending care packages, calling JR, emailing JR, … to have such friends is everyone’s dream. •The medical staff at MDAnderson- Dr. Borthakur, Betsy, Marie, Emily, Corey, Physical Therapists and Nursing staff without the encouragement and the hope that was given to JR, we would have been shorted the extra 5 months we had with him. In that time, he was able to: get out of bed, walk long distances, eat his favorite foods, play his guitar, use his computer and work on his music. He was so proud of his accomplishments and grateful for your help. Lastly, I have to thank my brother John, sister-in-law Nancy, Elizabeth and most importantly you JR for letting me help. I truly received more from this experience than anyone could imagine. JR you always had a special place in my heart and this time we shared together will always be among the most treasured of my life. Thank you.

Josh Suvetor
Lyons, IL
I remember that John always had a smile on his face and enjoyed life. Life is too short and you need to cherish everyone and everything in it. My condolences go out to the Wilson family and all of John's friends. He will be missed!!!

Jason Koval
Sydney, Australia
I just wish to thank John for loving Jill, and for bringing so much joy and happiness to her and our family. Who can forget "Shalom!" and "Louis Gossett Jr."? His strength through this past year really is an example for the rest of us. John will always be greatly missed.

Jim and Judy Bertucci
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Our hearts ache for you. Our love, thoughts and prayers go with you during this difficult time.

Marsha & Ron Crone
Lakemoor, IL
Everyone at MCI has heart-felt feelings for the Wilson family and friends for their loss.

Robert Lichner
Joliet, IL
My deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with Jill, John's family, and friends.

Justin Cagney
Chicago, IL
The last time I saw John, I bumped into him at Bourbon St. We caught up a little bit and talked...I don't remember what about...probably the time we headed out to Ozzfest or something else music-related (as was often the case). What I do remember was the joy that surronded him...the joy that he brought to the people around him. That is what I remember and that is what I will miss the most about John.

Kathy Goetz
Arlington Heights, IL
I am a friend and former coworker of John's Aunt Roseann. From the time that John became ill, I cannot recall a conversation we had when Roseann didn't mention him. She was always so hopeful and had her entire circle of friends praying for him. My deepest sympathy to everyone who had the priviledge of knowing John.

RIP cle
chicago, illinois

Tom McGrath
Frankfort, IL
John...always a guy for a good one liner or joke, especially the chuck norris ones!! You made work a good time. You will always be a good buddy and a strong Man. Your friend always Tom

Jennifer Engbers
Villa Park, IL
I was Liz's best friend (John's sister) in high school, and we still remain very close. Unfortunately I can relate to Liz in losing a sibling to cancer...It is incredibly hard, and I pray for Liz to remain strong in God right now, as well as her parents. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Wilson family, and anyone who knew John.

Lauren Jones
Oak Park, IL
Although I did not know John personally I knew him through Liz. My heart goes out to the entire family. I'm sure John will be missed.

Joshua Koenig
Oak Park, IL
While I didn't know John that well, I was quite moved by his passing. It makes you think about life and how nobody should ever take it for granted. God bless and stay strong.

loren dixon
friendswood, tx
john will be in my prayers.

Tommy Yurkovich
Westchester, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with you all through this tough time. It has been an honor to have been able to go to school and work with John. He always found a way to make one laugh and bring out the best in any given situation. He is truly a great person.

Chris Bacchi
Woodridge, Illinois
I knew John from working at RML Specialty Hospital. Several years ago he helped record and mix a song for our annual employee recognition dinner, a task he performed graciously. He was a great musician and a great guy.

wendy smogor
darien, il
My Thoughts and paryers are with you.

Tammy Wisneski
Lisle, IL
I remember the very first time I met John. It was freshman year English Class with Mr. Nelson. Since we had to sit in alphabetical order, he was right in front of me. I remember he always would make the class laugh by saying a joke, making a comment, or disagreeing with Mr. Nelson. He always made English a very interesting class. I really didn't know John all that well, but one really great thing about him is that he linked both my grade school friends and my high school friends. I want to thank Jimmy, my cousin Rebekah, Danny, Tony, Gavin and others who have developed this site. It has been a great tool to find out how John is doing. My condolences to the Wilson family and all of John's friends. He will be missed!

Robin Rembelski
Des Plaines, IL
Nancy, Nancy Ball let me know about your John. You are in my prayers. Thank God for His faithfulness and strength undergirding us in times of trouble. He is a very present help in trouble, for sure. God bless you and your family, Nancy, Robin

Jim and Audrey Wilson
St. Charles, IL
To John, Nancy, Liz, and Jill. Our hearts and prayers go out to you at this time. We love you and can only imagine what you are going through. You had John Robert for 25 years and know that your wonderful memories will help you through this. God bless all of you. Aunt Aud, Uncle Jim, and our family

Bob & Nora Klimes
Lyons, IL
John was truly a courageous, kind, and giving young man. He will be in our hearts always. Our sincere condolences to John, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Jill. He will be missed by all, and equally he has inspired all. Love Bob & Nora

Nancy Ball
Wheaton, IL
Dear John and Nancy and Family: I am praying that you will feel the closeness of the Lord at this time. Jesus gave John to both of you for a reason. HE knew you would raise him and love him. Now HE has him in HIS arms. Love, Nancy

Dear John: We are so proud of you that you fought the good fight of faith. We have such mixed emotions at this time because we will miss you so much,but we know you are in Heaven with Jesus. We have so many fond memories of you growing up. One of our favorites are all the years we went to church camp in Lake Geneva.You have always been a joy to be around. We are also so proud of your Mom, Dad, Liz, Jill and all our family members. They prayed and stood by your side every step of this difficult journey. We are rejoicing with you that there is no more pain or suffering and that some day in the future we will all be together again. We love you so much. Aunt Karen Uncle Steave Jason and Jeff.

Pam and Luke Braden
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
We are so sorry to hear of John's passing. We know how special he was to Kelly and Dan, and he will be greatly missed. Know that all of his family adn friends are in our prayers.

Michael Barnicle
Chicago, IL
One of the funniest guys I knew. At Naz, we were supposed to be listening to Shakespeare on tape. John took the headphones out, put the volume on high and set the speed to ultra slow motion; he then proceeded to convince our English teacher that it was a tape of whales mating from our biology class!

Karine Mikwiza
carol Stream, IL
"God Broke Our Hearts to Prove to Us that He Only takes the Best" (Christopher Werner); the first time i heard about was on my mom funeral and whenever i feel sad about her lost, i always say to myself that she was one of the best for God.......... My prayers and thoughts go out to Nancy and his family.

Sharon Arnold
Louisville, Ky
Nancy, I am so sorry for your loss. Not much else to say except you and your family & your son are in my prayers. Sharon @ MCI

Lora Hardney
Louisville, KY
To Nancy, the Wilson Family, loved ones and friends, my prayer is that you would find comfort in God and know that John is in a better place. I did not personally know John but having read some of the messages from other family and friends, I am confident that he is sitting high, smiling, and looking down upon us all. I share in your grief and pray God's blessings on all of you.

Kristen Zangara
Westchester, IL
John was a year older than me at Nazareth. He was always fun to be around! He has been in my thoughts and prayers ever since I heard of his illness. At this difficult time, I will keep his close friends and family in my prayers as they try to get through these hard times.

Kim and Erik Seidel
Appleton, WI
We are so sorry to hear of John's passing. Although I did not know him personally, I feel like I new him from all of the stories that Kelly and Dan would share. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Jim & Sue Welch
Darien, IL
We know how much John meant to Dan and Kelly. He will be missed by many and remembered by everyone he came in contact with. Our prayers are with his family and friends. Jim & Sue Welch

Stan Dzierzega
Lombard, IL
My deepest condolences to the Wilson family and Jill for their loss. My prayers are with you.

Steve "Ernie" Grego Cathy and Stephen Jr.
Burnsville, Mn.
John and Nancy, Our hearts go out to you both and we really wish we could be there with you in this your time of need. Cathy, Stephen Jr. and myself wish you strenght in this time of grief. God Bless you at this time. Ernie

Maria Ghionzoli
Glen Ellyn, IL
I never met John Robert I am a friend of his aunt.Kate Rafferty. I am proud to know Kate and Tom they are great people who cared so much and did so much for John Robert Maria Ghionzoli

Karla Espinosa
Homewood, Illinois
I have never had the opportunity to meet John, however I know his Dad and know that he had the most devoted family and who were all there for John. I know how John stuggled to keep going and the amazing strength he had to keep fighting. I know now he is at peace and can rest. My prayers and thoughts go out to John and his family.

Kathy Durochik
Wheaton, IL
I have seldom seen one person touch so many lives. My prayers are with John and his family.

Cori Dattalo
Westchester, Illinois
Its so hard to think of words at a time like this. Nancy is a precious friend and through her I learned what a wonderful person John was. He had a special way of touching the lives of those around him. Although I only spent a short time with John, he touched my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to John's family, fiancee and friends in dealing with such a loss. It is comforting to know that John is now with Jesus and is in total peace. He couldn't be in better hands.

Eric and Jill Kurutz
Whiting, IN
Our saddened hearts will rest easier with the passing of time. The memories and smiles will last beyond forever! John will always be an inspiration for even in the most difficult time of all, he embraced suffering and continued to bring joy and happiness to those around him. God bless his family, friends, and fiancee, Jill, who all led John's fight with strenth and courage beyond belief.

Karen Luciano
Westchester, IL
Dearest Wilson Family, Such memories of John will be forever in our hearts. As I can remember when our girls would hang out together, John was such a positive influence. His jokes, humor and fun attitude were uplifting. I had the opportunity to work with John one summer and I will never forget the smile he would bring to my face. He was the most considerate, kind, giving, loving young man I had met. John, although you have left the earth plane, your spirit will live in peace and will fly high amongst the clouds and ever so gently grace us with you presence. With Love and Blessings, Nicole, Erica, Marina & Karen Luciano

Sandy Saunders
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nancy and family With deepest sympathy, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Sherry Hatfield
Roselle, IL
I'm so sorry to hear of John's passing. It was a pleasure knowing and working with John. He was so willing to help with issues at work and was such a nice fellow. God be with you all.

Molly Zarbock
Lyons, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Liz, Jill, John's Family and all of his friends. I have many great memories of the fun times I have shared with John. John was an extremely likeable guy, funny and very talented. He was an amazing friend to my brother, and I am truly thankful to have known him. John, I will miss you and never forget the fun times we have shared. You are truly an inspiration and have left a great impression on my life as well as many others. "Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."

Todd Whyte
Wheaton, IL
Tonight I realized how much JR touched people's lives in so many different ways regardless of how long they have known him. This is easily proven by all the letters written below, but to have so many people commit their time one way or another for so long sharing JR's fight is truly amazing. Everyone talks about times they have had in the past but JR lived in the present looking for the memories to come. My heart goes out to all JR has touched and tears to the people who held him.

Sharon Saavedra
Norridge, Illinois
We were grief stricken when we received the call. The call we prayed would never come. John went home to be with our Lord. My heart skipped a beat. The memories I have of John Robert I will hold close to my heart. Our prayers are with my Loving sister Nancy, who means the world to me. John, my precious niece Liz and Jill. Thankyou to my first Nephew John Robert, for always being my special friend. He will always be my "BABY HUEY". Your Memory will forever remain in our Hearts, our Soul and in our minds. Love, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Michael and Michael B. XOXOXO <3 <3

Debbi Sortino
Lockport, IL
I came here to express my very deepest sympathy at the loss of your son, brother, fiancée, and friend – but after reading the preceding tributes to John – I am struck by the fact that you have all been blessed beyond measure at having been given 25 years to enjoy, love, and cherish the incredibly fine, talented, generous, funny, and loving young man that is “John”. John too was so blessed! He had a Mother that loved and admired him - one who felt every pain and struggle he endured – not only the last 14 months – but his whole life. A devoted Father who was a rock for him to lean on and a constant companion all throughout his long battle - the unending devotion and love of his beautiful sister - a true love and soul mate to help him, comfort him, and give him the will to go on - an extended family that went to extraordinary length to help and give care – and true friends that never gave up or forgot. Yes – John too was VERY blessed! I sadly only knew John through the eyes of his loving Mother – and am so sorry I never had the opportunity to meet him. I will forever be changed by his story – a story of courage and honor and strength and love and I so look forward to our meeting above – as I understand John is getting everything ready for the rest of us! With sympathy and love, Debbi Sortino

Nancy Steker
Westchester, IL
You will be missed, John, but will be in our hearts forever.

The Guarderas Family
Bloomingdale, IL
There are no words to express how very sad we were to hear that John Robert passed away. His long hard battle and the outpouring of support from family and friends are a testament to what a loving, courageous young man he was. We pray that the sadness fades and the good memories shine through.

Valerie (Stojak) Thomas
Bloomington, IL
Even though I was blessed to only share a few special moments with John in my life, I truly know in my heart that he was a God send for Jill. May his family find comfort in knowing that he is now at peace and may his story live on in all of our hearts.

Gina Nelson
Willow Springs, IL
While I did not know John personally, I was deeply moved by his fight and determination over the past year. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived. May his light, love and legacy live on in all who knew him. "You can shed tears that John is gone Or you can smile because he has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back Or you can open your eyes and see all that he’s left. Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him Or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember him and only that he’s gone Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back Or you can do what he’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on." David Harkin

Becky Schnidt
Melrose Park , il
Im so sorry for your loss. I'm a friend of Sharon & I know what it's like to lose a child so young. My daughter Tracy lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of thirty. Try and stay strong this is what John would want ! He has no more pain & will always be with you in sprit. May God give all of you the strengh to get through your hard times . Take care, Becky Schnidt

Jennifer Graham
Wheaton , Illinois
When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me, I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, and each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand, and said my place was ready, In heaven far above, And that I'd have to leave behind All those I dearly love. But as I turned to walk away, A tear fell from my eye For all my life, I'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, So much left yet to do, It seemed almost impossible, That I was leaving you. I thought of all the yesterdays The good ones and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, and all the fun we had If I could re-live yesterday Just even for a while, I'd say good-bye and kiss you And maybe see you smile. But then I fully realized, That this could never be, For emptiness and memories, would take the place of me. And when I thought of worldly things, I might miss come tomorrow, I thought of you, and when I did, My heart was filled with sorrow. But when I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home When God looked down and smiled at me, From His great golden throne. He said, "This is eternity, And all I've promised you." Today your life on earth is past, But here life starts anew I promise no tomorrow, But today will always last, And since each day's the same way There's no longing for the past. You have been so faithful, So trusting and so true. Though there were times You did some things You knew you shouldn't do. But you have been forgiven And now at last you're free. So won't you come and take my hand And share my life with me? So when tomorrow starts without me, Don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right here, in your heart. John, I thought this sounded like you. You know that you will always be in my heart and forever on my mind. Until we meet again...Love ya, Aunt Jen.

Steve and Kelly Patterson
Dyer, IN
We were so excited when Jill first introduced John to us, because, well...what's there not to like about him? Then after spending holidays with Shalom, playing movie trivia games he always won, and celebrating birthdays together, we soon realized how well he fit into our family. John - your fight is an inspiration to all and we were lucky to have known you. Thank you for making Jill so happy - you will always be a part of our family.

Denise Hyde
Carpentersville, IL
I have no words to express how sorry I am for your loss. I haven't seen John for probably 10 years but from reading all the wonderful things everyone had to say about him it seems he grew up to be an amazing man. He obviously had surrounded himself with such great friends and handled his illness with grace that I can't even imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with John, Nancy, Liz, his fiancé and all of his close family and friends during this heartbreaking loss. Love, Denise Hyde and Family

Mary Huske
Lombard, IL
I have followed JR's journey these many months through my friendship with his Aunt Kate. I am sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting him, for I can see from the many tributes that he was a talented young man with a great sense of humor, in addition to being a real fighter. May the wonderful memories and the love and support of his many friends and family help you all through this sad time. The "Adirondack Guitar" is a true testament of friendship. As I viewed the chair in the storefront today, I could feel the LOVE. My deepest sympathy and blessings to all who knew and loved John R. Wilson. May he rest in peace. Mary Huske

Mary Mary
Lombard, IL
I have followed JR's journey these many months through my friendship with his Aunt Kate. I am sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting him, for I can see from the many tributes that he was a talented young man with a great sense of humor, in addition to being a real fighter. May the wonderful memories and the love and support of his many friends and family help you all through this sad time. The "Adirondack Guitar" is a true testament of friendship. As I viewed the chair in the storefront today, I could feel the LOVE. My deepest sympathy and blessings to all who knew and loved John R. Wilson. May he rest in peace. Mary Huske

Megan Corrigan
Elmhurst, Illinois
John was certainly a one-of-a-kind man who continually made me laugh. I have so many fond memories with John over the years and I know he has touched many lives. John, you are in a better place where there is no cancer and no pain- enjoy your jam session in heaven! To John's family and friends- may you find peace during these difficult times. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

J.T. Strube
Sycamore, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family. I only knew John for a very brief time, but each time I saw him was a gift. He had one-of-a-kind soul and he will be missed.

Robert & Carrie Willems
Norridge, Illinois
It was 25 years ago that our first grandchild John Robert was born and as it turned out Grandma was the first to see him. What a blessing. We were so proud of our new Grandson. He was the cutest baby. John was always a sweet boy and of course we loved him dearly. He was always kind to everybody and respectful and grew to be a fine young man. We will always miss him especially at our family gatherings. Our hearts are broken. John, Nancy, Liz and Jill our hearts go out to you and we will always keep you in our prayers. We love you. Grandma & Grandpa Willems

Sammy Markiewicz
Chicago, IL
Your family has always had a special place in my heart. When I found out that J.R. was sick, I kept him in my prayers continuously. J.R. could put a smile on anyones face, he was an awesome older brother and son as I saw the way the family joked around with eachother frequently. Aunt Nancy, Uncle John and Liz - I am truly sorry for your loss and I hope to see you again.

Heather Whyte
Wheaton, Illinois
JR, I am thankful for the memories I have of you and with you. You were my charming, funny, cute little cousin. You grew into a handsome, loving, and honorable young man. I am so proud of all you did with your life. I know you are in Heaven playing music and spreading laughter. I will always be your “Header”. The sound of your voice, your hugs, and your love will always be kept in my heart. I will miss you, but know I will see you again. “A Golden Heart Stopped Beating And A Warm Loving Heart To Rest. GOD Broke Our Hearts To Prove To Us That He Only Takes The Best.” (Christopher Werner)

Marc Gallion
Lyons, Illinois
Though I never had the pleasure to meet John in person, Bruno has told me numerous storeies of their adventures together. I just know I would have liked him. My sincere condolences to his family and friends on their lost. I know what it feels to lose one so young. God Bless.

Janet Wojnicki
Dundee, Illinois
What an amazing person John was. We were coworkers at UBH and he was a joy to know... so funny, talented, bright,and humble about his special gifts. It's hard to believe he has passed. But his spirit lives on. Thank you, John, for being part of our lives. My sympathies to John's fiance and all his friends and family.

Carolynn Markiewicz
Mount Prospect, ill
An extraordinary young man who lived life to the fullest. The impact he left on people everywhere, was significant. They say we all have a meaning in our names or even heavenly names. I do believe Johns would be "GIVER". He gave so much joy and precious moments. This I thank you for John and to his wonderful family for making such an honorable young man and sharing him with all of us. Now John will be intriguing our Lord and making him laugh. Oh God will surely enjoy John. So long John Robert and thank you for all those priceless memories.

Carrie Stojak
Calumet CIty, IL
John, you will be missed more than words can express but we know you will live on in all of us, always.

Lisa Jaime
Woodridge, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family. John was an amazing person, and it was a pleasure to have known him for the short time that I did. I don't think I will ever meet anyone who has- made me laugh to the extent that he did, such passion for music that he had, or the courage and fight that he gave. "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Becky Andersen
My thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family.

Rosemary Christopher
Phoenix, Az
Dear John, Nancy and Liz, John was a great kid because he had a great family and fiancee. He fought because he loved all of you. He is at peace now and will forever be in our hearts. We are sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care, Rosemary, Jen and Russ Christopher

Shannon Novak
Sherman Oaks, CA
Although it has been quite awhile since I have seen John, I do remember what a genuine and sweet person he was. It was a very spiritual morning today. I woke up very randomly and happened to check my emails about 4 minutes after the news was sent out. It deeply saddened me to hear this, however, I know that Johns' Spirit is still alive and will always remain with all those whose lives John touched. My thoughts and prayers are with John's family and friends during this difficult time.

Chris Jacklin
westchester, IL
John was one of my first friends and one of the most talented and genuine people that I have ever met. Even though we went our separate ways after high school we were always able to pick up where we left off whenever we ran into each other. John had the heart of a lion and I'm sure that he battled till the end. John always used to tell me that if he's going to go down, he's going down with a fight and I always loved that attitude. I just wish that we all had more time to tell him how much he has actually touched and enriched all of our lives in his own way. John was the most talented musician that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, I can remember when he first started to play guitar and It was his calling, but John didn't just play the guitar, he made the guitar sing. I would be mesmerized for hours just listening to him play. I as well as all of you will miss John more than he will ever know, but we can all say that we were privileged to have known him. I miss you and love you brother, keep on rockin and I'll see yah when I see yah.

Roseann Nelson & Family
Park Ridge, IL
I was lost for words as I received the terrible news this morning.... I have never met a more brave and courageous person as John was these past 14 months. There was not one day that had gone by that I had not prayed or thought about John. I am thankful for all the memories I have of John through the years and that I will always cherish. John, Nancy, Liz & Jill we can't say enough how very sorry we are for your loss... John will always be close to our hearts... Love, Aunt Roseann & Family

Lois Pierce
Orland Park, Illinois
I never knew JR, I just heard alot about him from a fellow co-worker, his aunt Kate. I am a 12 yr cancer survivor (NHL) so I have a soft spot for all cancer victims and their family. May God bless his family.

Sue and Rich Mahoney
Glen Ellyn, Il
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time and always. I'll never forget when Ian (Kovac) and John played baseball together in Westchester and Nancy and I would just sit back and watch the boys while John was watching in anticipation of possibly getting kicked out of another game. The girls would just watch on and say "here we go again!"

Dawn Rachel
Carol Stream, iL
I never met John, but feel like I knew him from all the stories that I heard from his friends. I truly believe that he is in a better place. Somewhere that there is no pain. For those that knew and loved him, he will always be with you. He will still smile at all the good times, and if you listen, you will hear his laughter. May his friendship and love get you through the days, months and years ahead. My heart goes out to all of you.

steve dattilo
carol stream, il
it is incredible the effect you had on the lives you touched. Your impact is apparent in how you have touched your friends and how much they will miss you.

Lorraine Kornblith
Lombard, IL
I am a "Red Hat"friend of John's Aunt Kate. I am extending my sincerest sympathy to John's parents, fiance and all family members for their support, love and for all the comfort they gave to JR during this long hard-fought battle. From what I hear, JR was also blessed with a legion of loyal loving friends who enriced his life and left an everlasting impact on those fortunate enought to witness their bond. I know you will long remember him and the joy he gave to all. Best regards, Lorraine

Bob Schukies
Westchester, IL
Dear John and Family, I did not know your son, but after all of these months I feel as if I did. The touching tributes from all of his friends has been awesome and inspirational. I will now direct all my prayers to you John's family and friends. John doesn't need my prayers now...he is with Him. God bless all of you guys!...Bob Schukies.

Rich Innocenti
Crestwood, Illinois
Jack---My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please, if you need anything, do not hesitate to give me a call at 708-388-8364.

Amanda Wroblewski
Herscher, IL
I was shocked when I heard from a good friend this morning that John is no longer with us. My prayers go out to Jill and John's family. John will be missed by everyone.

Jack Graham
Wheaton, Illinois
John Robert, I know I've not seen a whole lot of you lately but I just want you to know that I haven't forgetten about our Guitar Hero Battle. One day......until then, I'll keep practicing. Love you, Jack


Mark Baumbach
Elmhurst, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with the Wilson family, God bless.


Michael Welton
Chicago, IL
Dear John, I know we didn't have much time together. I certainly would have wanted to be able to play with you longer. I know people say that everything happens for a reason, but I still think you were taken too soon, and I know that you had more to give. You taught me a lot, as my mentor, and I appreciate all that you gave me. I hope I can use it to allow you to live on, through my own music, as much as you will live on in all your friends. Tony's right when he says you touched more people than you will ever know. God be with you, and keep on rockin!

Frank Payette
Hoffman Estates, IL
Lola and I are very sorry to hear of John's passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and to Jill.

Mike O'Hagan
Westchester, IL
I was saddened to hear the news, but I am sure John is in a much better place. He has to be bragging about all of his special friends that worked so hard for him, and all the new friends that supported him, but never had the privilege to meet. To all the "Friends of John Wilson" you should all be proud of your endeavors to never forget a friend in need. Respectfully, The O’Hagan Family

Erin Seal
Downers Grove, IL
In Loving Memory, you will be miss John.... Do not stand by me and weep I am not there, I do not sleep, I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on the snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain I am the gentle Autumn's rain, When you awaken in the morning's hush To quiet birds in circular flight, I am the soft star that shines at night, Do not stand by me and cry, I am not there, I did not die.

Sarah Ciepierski Homb
San Antonio, TX
John was a great friend and I am sad to see him go. He always made me laugh and smile. John was always there for me when I needed to talk and always had the best advice! I will miss him dearly! John I will always remember the good times and will think of you everyday!As John and I used to say "Running Man rocks!"

Joanne Guarderas
Chicago, IL
Sincerely saddened by the news. I only hope the wonderful memories of John and knowing he is no longer suffering will help in the healing process. My heart and prayers goes out to John, Nancy, Elizabeth, the entire Wilson family and my cousins, Heather & Megan and Uncle Tom & Aunt Kate Rafferty. Love you all...XOXO

Mary Glock
Valparaiso, IN
I will miss JR very much but am very glad he is no longer suffering. I am grateful that all his friends/family up in heaven will be with him and get to enjoy his great sense of humor. I love you JR.

Mary Glock
Valparaiso, IN
I will miss JR very much but am very glad he is no longer suffering. I am grateful that all his friends/family up in heaven will be with him and get to enjoy his great sense of humor. I love you JR.

sam inendino
chicago, il

Katie Peterson (Neal)
Irvine, California
It has been a while since I hung out in Westchester, as I moved to Cali but my memories of John seem like they were made just yesterday. He was such a sweet, genuine and funny friend who will be missed greatly. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

mario leon
highland park, IL
To Nancy and John, " Please accept our condolences for you son's passing; peace be with you, bless his soul. " Love and peace, Mario Leon

Stacy Nelson
La Grange, IL
I have never met John Wilson, but have followed his story for the past year through his Aunt Roseann. My heart goes out to his entire family. What a true inspiration this young man was. I marvel at the strength and courage he showed in this long fight. Anyone who has been touched by cancer knows how truly tough it is and this kid just kept fighting back. He was truly impressive and I hope this and the fact that he is finally at peace provides some comfort to his wonderful family.

Irma Hernandez
Chicago, IL
Dear Wilson Family, I pray John's soul is in peace after so much fight. I hope you find peace and acceptance with God's help. And you cherish all the moments with your son. I know that God has hold you in his arms in this journey and will never let you down. I wish that your hearts are in peace and receiving all the love of all people that have touch your lives. Love, Irma

Emily Myers
Houston, texas
I am the receptionist at MD anderson in the leukemia dept. and i only had the privledge of knowing john and his family for a couple of months. He had to fight something that I cannot begin to imagine and yet was always so sweet and never seemed to complain. I wish I would have had a chance to know him better or met him under different circumstances but for the short time that I did he has definitely had an impact on me. John and his family are in my thoughts and prayers. I will miss seeing you at the clinic but am happy that you no longer have to go through that. My heart goes out to you all.

Ellen Glock
Glendale Heights, IL
John I can't express how you will be missed. I am glad that you are finally in a place where you will no longer suffer. My heart is broken today and it's because a small piece of it is with you and always will be. I love you and miss you and I regret that our time was not better spent. Aunt Nancy, Uncle John, Liz and Jill you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the pain in all of your hearts subsides and that joyful memories and laughter prevail.

Megan Rafferty-Flatter
Wheaton, IL
Where to begin? John is one of the funniest people with the kindest heart and I am so thankful that he was a part of my life. John is my cousin, and as most people know, families have their ups and downs. Through it all, he was my rock, whether he knew that or not. We spent a lot of time together as kids and I have so many memories, mostly of laughter. I will never forget the green tic tac incident, swimming in either his pool or ours, playing Atari/Nintendo in his room, trying to teach him how to drive stick and only managing to leave tire marks throughout the parking lot and hearing him play guitar for the first time. It's funny because you always think that you have so much time with someone, even when you find out they are sick. The last lesson John taught me was that life is way too short, but no matter what, live it to the fullest. I never heard a complaint from him during the last 13 months, and his humor still remained no matter what kind of pain or frustration he had. His love for Jill, his parents and his sister was endless. John, you are in my heart forever. He told my Mom (Aunt Kate) the other day: "I want the world baby". Well John, you always had you just have a different view. I love you buddy.

Kate and Greg Cielocha
River Grove, IL
John's aunt Sharon kept us up to date on his condition and his valliant struggle to beat leukemia. I really thought he would be one of the lucky ones based on his age, strength, stamina, and most of all, the deep love that surrounded him. God got one of the good ones -- HE must have really needed him something awful up there. My sympathy and Greg's to the family. Greg has Down syndrome and he thinks of Heaven as a big playground with lots of pizza and ice cream and so how can it make us sad?

Charlene and Richard Lawrence
Chicago, Illinois
We prayed all the time that you would make it, but it seems that God wanted you with him...You suffered like his son did you are at peace.

Joe Zeller
Wheaton, IL
My prayers are with John today.

Bianca Pantone
Lyons, Illinois
My thoughts and prayers are with John's family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss.

Sherri Zelke-McArdle
Crystal Lake, IL
Nancy, I am so sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Carolyn had told me about a year ago. I prayed for him then and will continue to pray you all who loved him so. No words can really help but with God's love I hope you can relish the wonderful times you had with him. God Bless you and your family. With love and blessings Sherri

Steve Welton
Mt Prospect, IL
My thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and loved ones. John was an incredible spirit who positively effected everyone he came in contact with. He made coming to work a particular joy. His wealth of opinion on movies, '24', music, and Cubs vs Sox meant that we never had a dull day when he was here. He will be missed.

Anthony Dunleavy
Darien , IL
John was the best, I'll never forget him. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Also, to those who ran this website, thank you. This was a great thing you did for John. I was unable to find John for a few years, but because of this site, I was able to exchange some emails and get back in touch with him. Thank you for that.

Janice Karijolic
Northlake, IL
Nancy and family - My heart goes out to you on the loss of your precious son. I pray that the lord will help you through this difficult time and that you will find peace in the wonderful memories that you were able to share with John during his short life. God bless you. Janice Karijolic

Lisa Roseberry
Elgin, IL
JW was awesome! There are a few special people in my life, free-spirits, & JW is certainly one. I will value that little piece in time for the rest of my life. “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”- Dr. Seuss

Gautam Borthakur
Houston, Texas
We have seen the strength and resolve of John and his family in fighting leukemia up close and are fortunate to have been part of the team. We derive strength from all of you to continue our efforts and consider ourselves blessed. Such lives are to be celebrated.

Adam Markiewicz
Mount Prospect, Illinois
This is a great lose. But John is in a better place and keeping a seat warm for the rest of us. We'll miss you John.

Keith and DeAnna Kern
New Lenox, IL
Our thoughts and and prayers are with John's family and all of his truly loyal friends. John was blessed to have you all.

Kristen (Knazur) Ader
Portage, IN
Dear John - I was so devestated this morning when I heard the news :( You had such an amazing presence and ora about you that always made me smile, laugh and bring out the good times. I have amazing memories of you stored in a special place in my heart and mind - the night we all met at the gin mill, celebration of friendship nights, the Forth of July parade, fish-tank martinis and talking to you on the phone after you were sick. You were an amazing person and know that you are now an angel in heaven watching over us! You will be missed! RIP Love, Kristen

Tom Manno
Downers Grove, IL
John we will miss you dearly. You have always been an inspiration to me and always will be. Rock on in heaven for us. I love you and miss you, Tommy Manno

Joanna Lins
Chicago , IL
My heart goes out to the family and friends of John Wilson. For those of you involved with, you should that your efforts and dedication were inspirational. John has passed, but his legacy will not die. He has clearly made an impact on so many people- a person like that is never truly gone.

David Burke
Wheaton, IL
Jon. I remember being so thrilled when I met another person at RML Specialty Hospital who loved music as much as I do. When I did work at the front desk, that was one of the parts of the day, coming in early to chat with you about a show I just saw or an album I picked up was one of the best parts of my day. I also remember how very cool and generous you were. You shared your favorite music with me, you brought me back that Pennywise t-shirt after getting to HANG OUT WITH THE BAND! Lucky. I thought it was even cooler that we could play our own music projects or bands for each other and discuss and comment on each other's work. I was really glad to have related to you on that level. The hardest part about any of this, is that the day that you got sick (the same day I graduated college), I had just got an email from you (I still have it), and I was looking forward to hanging out with you, as I hadn't seen you in so long. While I don't believe in would'ves and should'ves, I wish that I had come to see you at some point. You were a very cool person, and in knowing you, I can't help feeling like I just walked out of a really great show. I'm sad that it's over, but I'm so glad that I got to be there for some of it.

Betsy Williams
Houston, Texas
I met John and his family not long after they arrived in Houston. It was truly my pleasure to have had the priviledge to participate in his care. Everyone that met his was touched by his heart and his bravery. Through it all, I never heard him complain. John was blessed to be surrounded by his wonderful family that supported him, cared for him, and fought for him. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. We are all truely better for having know John.

Rudy Gadziala
Albany, New York
My thoughts and prayers go out to John's family and many devoted friends. I had the pleasure of working with John in the past at UBH. He will be missed.

Rosann Grahovac
La Grange Park, Illinois
My thoughts and prayers go out to all that love John and have kept him here with them. I was deeply saddened this morning when Rebekah told me that John had passed. Please know that John will live on in many hearts. Always, Rosann Grahovac

Erin Joanis
Chicago, IL
My thoughts and prayers are with John's family, and all of his friends.

Matt Hernal
Westchester, IL
John truly was one of the funniest people I have ever met. He was always up for a good time and always made people laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. He will definitely be missed by everyone who ever came in contact with him or got to know him.

Brett Epich
Chicago, IL
My prayers are with John, his family, Jill and all of us that knew him. One of the nicest and funniest men I ever met. And to everyone behind, you are the truest friends and blessed individuals.

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